What Impact Could The Global Shipping Problem, As Well As Load Shedding, Have On Your Car Insurance Claims

COVID-19 lockdowns have left their mark all across the world. One of these causes, released in a recent article published by Discovery eDiscoverer, has resulted in a shortage of cargo volumes, a scarcity of shipping containers, and a scarcity of semiconductors, which are utilised in many vehicle components.

These shortages, as well as the resulting backlog at South African customs, have impacted vehicle manufacturers, repairers, and the insurance industry. While we are unable to manage these shortages, we recognise the inconvenience and difficulties that these delays may cause our valued customers.

We advise and encourage our clients to read more about these delays and the ‘Smart Tip” that Discovery eDiscoverer has published: smart-tip-delay-in-vehicle-parts.

However, with regards to the above ‘Smart Tip’ from Discovery eDiscoverer, load shedding is not helping matters as motor insurance claims are increasing as South African motorists are driving more as COVID-19 restrictions are easing, these short travels are causing insurance companies and motorists more problems.

Read more here about what the Discovery Insure has to say in an article published by News 24.

Talk to your Olea Key Account Manager if you would like more information on Discovery Insures ‘Smart Tip’.