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Olea Assist - Business

Office Assistance refers to emergency assistance related to the premises covered.

Fixtures, Fittings and Services

An appropriate repairer (electrician, plumber, locksmith, and glazier) will be called out to address the problem at the address provided.

Limit: Call Out Fee and first hour of labour. Thereafter costs will be for the member. Please note that all parts and materials used are excluded and will be for the member’s account.

Maintenance related issues are not covered.

Emergency Services Notification

At the members request, a notification of an emergency will be sent out to the police, traffic, fire brigade, ambulance, security or any other emergency service provider.

The Driver is covered up to R1 000 per incident for any of the following assistance:

  • Flat Battery

  • Flat Tyre

  • Keys locked in the vehicle

  • Fuel Assistance

Mechanical & Electrical Breakdown

In the event that the driver experiences a mechanical or electrical breakdown, and the vehicle needs to be towed, we will tow the vehicle to the nearest repairer.
Covered up to R7500 per incident. Anything over the limitation will be for the client’s own account.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

In the event of an accident, the Assistance Call Centre will plan to have the vehicle towed, up to the Insurer Limitations on the policy. This will be for the Insurance Company’s account. Anything over the limitation will be for the client’s own account.

Recovery Assistance

If the vehicle needs to be recovered from a ditch/side of the road, we will send out a specialist to assist. Covered up to a maximum of 1 hour per vehicle per incident.

Please note: If the vehicle was travelling offroad or on an unpaved highway, the assistance will be for the client’s own account, and the normal cover of the 1st hour per vehicle per incident, will not be applicable.

Roadside & Stock Security Guard

If the driver feels insecure or if we believe there is a risk of theft or damage of the vehicle or stock, we shall dispatch a security guard (armed or unarmed, depending on the situation) to the breakdown or accident scene.

Transportation of Driver to Destination

The driver of the vehicle (and up to four additional passengers) will be assigned a taxi service to pick them up from the scene and transport them to the requested destination.

Any amount above R500.00 per journey, will be charged to the client's account. Annual cap: 4 journeys.

Please note: Only electrical/mechanical and accident tows are eligible for this service. If the client's car is not roadworthy, they will not be entitled to this service. Without prior authorisation, the client's arrangements will not be refunded for any costs paid. Assistance is only available in South Africa.

Annual limit: R17,000.00 per vehicle