Olea Assist - Discovery 911

Olea Discovery 911 Assist

The following emergency assistance and value added services are provided at no cost

Olea Assist - Discovery 911

We offer emergency roadside assistance in the event of a mechanical or electrical breakdown, flat tyre, flat battery or any other roadside related emergency of the comprehensively insured vehicle, including:

  • Towing to the closest place of repair or safekeeping

  • Arranging your transport to your home or destination if it is within 100km radius through an accredited transport provider up to a maximum of R750.

  • Your location is more than 100km away from your home or destination, you can choose from:

    • One night’s accommodation up to a maximum amount of R1 000, or

    • A taxi service option up to a maximum amount of R750, or

    • A rental vehicle option up to a maximum amount of R500.
      Please note:
       A rental vehicle is subject to you qualifying for a rental car as per the car rental company’s general terms and conditions. All car rental companies require a valid credit card to be able to release the car to you.

  • Jump-starting your vehicle. This excludes the costs of parts, lubricants and other provisions.

  • Changing your flat tyre. If you do not have a spare tyre, one can be provided at your cost. The assistance excludes any costs for the repair of the tyre, parts and wheel balancing and other provisions.

  • Delivering up to 10 litres of fuel if you have run out. This benefit is limited to a maximum of two incidents per year per vehicle. Non-roadside locations aren’t included.

  • Locksmith services if you have locked your keys inside your vehicle. The benefit includes unlocking of the car, the cost of the call-out fee and one hour’s labour. Parts, components, keys or key-cutting costs, lubricants or similar charges are excluded. The following should be noted:

    • If your key is broken in the ignition or car door and the service provider is unable to resolve the problem, additional costs such as the dispatch of a tow truck will be for your account

    • If locksmiths are unable to unlock newer model cars, such vehicles will be towed to the nearest place of repair for which you will bear the cost

    • If the vehicle operates with a ‘smart key’, towing can be arranged to the nearest dealer for which you will bear the cost

Direction Assist provides accurate directions by telephone, fax or email when you travel within the borders of South Africa.

Trip Monitor includes a 24 hour helpline that stays in touch with the driver during the trip to guarantee their safe arrival at their destination.

Provides the following benefits:

  • In the event of emergencies in the insured home: emergency electricity and plumbing services, but excluding damage to your jacuzzi, swimming pool, borehole pumps, air conditioners, commercial refrigerators and repairs not complying with regulated specifications.

  • Locksmith services, but excluding the unlocking of padlocks.

  • The following should be noted:

    • Cover is limited to three incidents per household per year, including outbuildings, up to a maximum of R2 000 for all events

    • The call-out fee, plus one hour labour is covered, excluding parts.

As a Discovery Insure client you have access to legal support. The legal support is available via telephonic and online.

 For a comprehensive overview on the legal support benefit refer to www.discovery.co.za